For the love of lace

Prada does lace

Wearing lace is fantastic if you can pull it off, I love nothing more than a hidden piece of patterned lace hiding somewhere in a outfit but every now and then the right body and right personality comes along and manages to pull the oxygen from my lungs and wear it right.


Things to consider when wearing lace;

* With great regret, I would avoid large quantity of lace if you have to buy it in XL size ( Sorry real girls)

* Buy good quality lace, cheap just looks cheap

* Do not over lace

* Give the lace a rest if it is starting to fluff

* If you are not so confident, add a little lace by wearing a hair piece, ear rings, stockings or a blouse with a lace trim

* Keep your overall appearance clean and elegant

* Keep them guessing as to what you might be wearing underneath


Now just remember wear it like you are a rock star girls!

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