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I started with my BODYTEC sessions two weeks ago.  The concept is doing moderate exercise movements while connected to an electro muscle stimulation (EMS) machine contracting your muscles through small pulses. The concept is relatively new in South Africa but has been around for several years in sports rehabilitation and professional athletes.

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In your 20 minute session your trainer does a series of what they call low impact exercises (serious work out for me) that combined with the EMS works out 90% of all your muscles. The intensity varies on the individual and their fitness level and is a great way to do a full on endurance workout in a fraction of the time.
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Because of the high intensity your session is the equalvent of three-90 minute endurance exercise at the gym. Research shows, EMS training is 18 times more effective than other exercise and although working all your muscles is particularly beneficial on working out those problem areas, just what I need. They say you can usually start seeing results after 4-6 sessions but I can already feel an improvement in my body after just 2 sessions.

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Your trainer is always with you during your session and at all times monitoring your levels but also keeping a close eye on you to make sure you are performing your exercise poses correctly.

It’s a great all round form of exercising and it is especially cool for those of us who are too busy to spend hours in the gym. With the sessions only being 20 minutes, you can even fit in over lunchtime and be back in the office to finish off your day.

Check out the BODYTEC website for more details and to find a studio near you.




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