• Eyelash extensions at Tosca salon


    As most women know by now, time is our most valuable asset these days and spending that extra hour in the morning getting ready for work is really cutting into our precious time. We will do almost anything to cut done on that time.

    Lately, eyelash extensions have formed a part of eliminating that extra time spent and doing your make up but also allows us girls to get away with less make up in general.  Lash extensions are absolutely fabulous to create a bigger, more open eye. Bigger lashes draws the attention to our eyes, adds a bit of depth and is so beneficial in giving us that extra boost of confidence need in order to skip wearing make up some days.  Lashes extensions come in different lengths from 6mm to 17mm and is applied with semi-permanent, non-irritating glue.  The duration of the application depends on how many lashes you want done. A full set can take up to 2 hours, a half set, an hour, while a flutter ( just the outer edges of your lashes ) also takes about an hour.

    eyelash extension Eyelash extensions at Tosca salon

    I have had my lashes done loads of times and usually the first week is pure bliss but after the second week, my lashes start to fall out one after the another, leaving rather unsightly gaps and soon I would find myself back at the salon, filling the gaps to recreate my look.  That’s until I went to go have my lashes done at Tosca salon. The application took half the time a normal full lash extension appointment requires and the best part? My lashes lasted not 1 or 2 weeks but were absolutely perfect for 5 weeks. For 5 weeks I walked around with great full, long lashes. In the 3 years I’ve been having extensions done I have never had my lashes stay in place for 5 weeks, so girls next time you are considering having your lashes done  give Tosca salon a call and ask for Mariette. The salon also offers an array of hair and beauty treatments, so you won’t have to separate your beauty regime over multiple salons.

    It was an absolute pleasure for me and I will most certainly go again. Get in touch with Tosca salon via Facebook, twitter or their website.

  • The Guy Guide to Winter


    What you should be paying attention to this Winter.

    The keys themes are:

    • Stick to basic colours in their colour palettes, if you aren’t sure what these are just google colour palettes.
    • Keep patterns to small detail pieces like turn-ups and socks. I recommend Nic Socks but stay clear of shirts, jackets, pants and accessories with too much detail. Think plain, there are retailers that will be selling bold prints this season but I don’t like it at all for straight guys.
    • Think about matching and layering textures, ever seen a girl while she shops? We touch everything for this exact reason. When you shop think about what you will match this item with in your wardrobe. Country Road does a great job at matching textures so keep your eye on their suggestions while in store. Wool is great for winter.
    • Get a proper haircut, I can not stress this enough. Having a proper haircut means you’re basically 70% there. Get hold of Mario’s Hair Company and make that appointment today! (Note: When my husband found the best cut that suited him, his whole demeanor changed for the better.)
    • You will all be happy to hear that skinny jeans and pants are no longer considered sexy on men. Us girls have now decided we like our men to be men again. Look for straight, tapered or fitted cuts.
    • Accessories should be understated, bordering on plain. 1 Colour with perhaps an earthy tone or texture and that is it.
    • You can still were colour but keep it muted with the rest of your outfit.
    • Nothing is sexier than a guy who remains a little mysterious, stay clear of talking about the same old stuff you hear on twitter. Avoid letting us all in our your feelings online or talking about other people. A guy’s character is the sexiest thing he can ever wear.

    If you need any additional help selecting an item in-store @frangiapnies and I will be happy to say yay or nay.

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  • Please help me find my obsession, Over-the-knee boots


    To all my fellow shopaholic girly girls or boys, please help me find plain black over-the-knee boots.

    I bought a pair many years ago in London and had them shipped to SA. Unfortunately they along with a few other items never made it to SA or past customs. Since, I have always dreamt about owning another pair but haven’t been able to find them. So I am turning to you, please will you all keep your eyes open in stores and tweet me @frangipanies if you happen to come across a pair. I can’t offer you much except that I will forever be in gratitude.

    kate moss over knee boots1 Please help me find my obsession, Over the knee boots

    My ideal pair of over-the-knee boots are black heels but not stilettos. Preferably matt leather or suede with a sip or even without. I am not keen on any detail, a different colour platform, tassels or for the boot to gape at the top ( it needs to be rather snug ).

    Over Knee Boots2 Please help me find my obsession, Over the knee boots

    Please help me find them, thanks in advance!



  • A Shimansky Pamper evening to remember


    A few nights ago I was lucky enough to attend a Shimansky evening of complete pamper and indulgence.

    The infamous jewelry store we all love and adore hosted a few of Cape Town’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers to enjoy an evening in which we got given a tour of the beautiful ( and I mean it ) Cape Town Diamond Museum which included history, cuts and the making of diamonds, as well as personal view of absolutely everything in the Shimansky store.

    When Mr. Shimansky announced that we were actually allowed to try on any of the jewelry in the store, I could feel my heart sink to the floor and bounce back up with excitement. The excitement didn’t end there; we could have our hair, make up and nails done to fit what was to follow. We were allowed to go through the store and pick any jewelry we wanted to wear before we each had our own fashion shoot. Naturally, I headed straight for the diamonds and ended up selecting only two pieces of jewelry.. Now you might be asking yourself why I had only selected two pieces? Well this is why:

    6ddd1c7c747811e2979622000a1fb04f 7 A Shimansky Pamper evening to remember


    With a 4 carat ring and a tennis bracelet that can knock your “heels” off, why would I want to cover kill the perfection? The setting of both pieces were absolutely perfect and the craftsmanship just suburb.The store offered many different treasures for all the girls, I saw ladies walking around with anything from black diamonds to Tanzanite. In animal shapes or brilliant cuts, the selection was endless and catered for each individuals needs.What I particularly liked about the store was the layout, the friendly staff and that some of the pieces were in fact reasonably priced. The introduction we were given on diamonds in South Africa and the mastery therefore left me with a new admiration of diamonds and just how precious they truly are. We left the evening looking and literally feeling like a million bucks and to top it off, with the amazing “My girl” fragrance  in hand. Taking it up a level, lucky Emma found a diamond in hers!

    I think the Shimansky store and the Cape Town Diamond museum is a worthy trip for any girl or guy with a plan. Thank you Shimansky for the super special evening and Positive Dialogue Communications for organizing.

  • The Secret of my Hair


    It’s taken some time for me to publicly admit this but now that I am comfortable with confessing my long locks secret, and willing to share the formula. I might as well tell you that for the past 3 years I have been wearing clip in extensions almost every day. I love the feeling of having long hair – instantly. I don’t think anyone needs to feel ashamed of wearing extensions if it makes you feel beautiful and happy!

     The Secret of my Hair

    Pre- Extensions

    It all started when I decided I wanted super long locks. I got permanent extensions, which may have been one of the worst decisions I have ever made. Hair makes (or breaks) a person and it can be the finishing touch that makes you look amazing or average. After 3 months of permanent extensions in my head;  my hair was frazzled, split and broken, I had pieces of hair that was so short it looked like I was leaning towards having a boy-cut. I was so ashamed, I remember running away to our holiday day house for a weekend just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the humiliation of possibly walking into someone I knew. I had to cut my hair shorter than I ever would have if I didn’t have such terrible damage from the permanent extensions.

    IMG 1451 337x450 The Secret of my Hair


    I decided to start looking for another option to make myself feel better about my hair. I found an incredible product here in South Africa called Clipinhair. My life was saved and so was my hair! I started using the clip in hair extensions and have never been happier with how my hair looks and feels. I have close friends who don’t even know I have extensions in every time I see them. I even have family members who can’t tell. My sister is forever asking; are you wearing your extensions today? That’s how real it looks.

     The Secret of my Hair


    It takes me literally 4 minutes (no lies) to do my hair in the morning. I leave my ‘get ready’ room feeling confident with my long hair. I can style the clip in extensions as they are 100% real hair so I can GHD curl them and even blow-dry them. I don’t feel restricted when it comes to dying my hair. I still change my hair colour every 3 months, I just die my clip in’s the same colour and then they are ready to use. I wash them 3 times a week and make sure to brush them and hang them out to dry. Make sure to tell your partner that you have clip in’s because when people walk into a room and see your hair ‘hanging out to dry’ – it can be confusing. Thankfully after about 3 years of sporting clip in’s my own hair is kinda back to normal and I have days that I brave wearing “own hair out” as my husband and I refer to it but always prefer my extensions. I’m not ashamed about having extensions in fact I am happy that I was lucky enough to find Clip in hair.

     The Secret of my Hair

    Yup- Extensions

    For more info about Clipinhair check out their website or Facebook page.

  • Winner of the Summer Transformation Competition


    Thank you so much to everyone who entered. It was a tough decision but I have finally made my mind up about who the winner is. There were so many boys and girls who shared their amazing stories with me. The winner’s story stood out to me and her struggle and triumph can motivate us all

    The people who entered this competition shared things about their bodies that they might not even tell their best friends. My Summer Transformation journey has had it’s ups and downs and sharing it with you guys made it a great experience.

    I received so many different entries some where from girls with incredible body transformation stories while others were from loving husbands who nominated their busy wives. The entries showed me that everyone has their own challenges when it comes to reaching their personal goals.

    I have notified the winner and she wishes to remain anonymous. Congratulations to the *Girl from Cape Town on winning the Summer Transformation hamper.  She struggled through out her life with body issues but managed to reach her goals in the end. Here is her story…

    Dear Fran

    I’ve been transforming myself since I can remember which is why I want to win the Summer Transformation hamper!

    Over-eating, under-eating, anorexia, weights, running, aerobics, toning, Paleo eating, kettle bells, lunges, squats, Bosu classes, yoga. I’ve done all these things in my life-long transformation quest.

    I’ve had a very tough start in life, my childhood was horrific – my mother is mentally ill and emotionally abusive, my father is an alcoholic, they lived in squalor. From the age of 5 or so, I started to transform the circumstances around me.

    Self-esteem was tricky. My mother emotionally abused me, my father was useless. My friends were fake people who used me. I was born into poverty, I was fat, I had nothing, not a chance in the world to get out of where I came from. But I did get out. I transformed my mood over the last few years through extensive work and choices. Circumstances cannot stop you if you really want to transform your life.

    I was a chubby child, my parents ate very badly, I emotionally ate as well. I starved myself a lot as a teenager, but it never really worked.I got into drugs and alcohol. I got out. I transformed my mind to focus on being healthy and aware.

    I was depressed as a child and this continued as I became a teenager – I transformed my mood and my choices – I fought back. I set goals for myself – I wrote in journals. I drew pictures of me weighing 50 kgs with a speech bubble saying: ”Im thin” I weighed 70 kgs when I wrote in that journal. Over the following year, I lost the 20 kgs, and I weighed 50kg.

    I first started weight training when I was about 20 years old. Before that, my exercise and food choices were pretty bad. I lifted free weights a few times a week, I ate a shocking diet of fat free yoghurt and egg whites, designed for me by my brother. It worked, but it was also very unhealthy. I started eating less and less, and everyone thought I was anorexic.

    A year later,I started eating proper food, vegetables and fish and started running. I went on my first real beach holiday with my boyfriend and his friends family and wore a bikini for the first time. Being a fat kid, and loosing 20 kgs to get to this place, was a big moment for me.

    I lived in London for 2 years, so diet and exercise suffered. Went jogging, but little to no weight training. And lots of Haribo sweets and fried food. So, scary-pasty London look happened. I came back to CT and joined the Planet Fitness night budget gym option. Gymmed at night with my boyfriend, doing cardio and weights.

    2012 is where transformation started to get exciting. Joined Virgin gym just before 2012 I started eating Paleo diet and doing lots of lunges, squats and kettle-bell training. Along with regular classes at the gym, and some cardio. I feel healthier than ever before, still have many more fitness goals to reach, but am happy with the slow and steady progress this year so far.

    I’ve transformed my mind and thought patterns from that of negative, destructive, pointless and wallowing to positive, structured and focused. I still have a long way to go, it is a work in progress, but the negative patterns of the past have been broken.

    I now live in a nice flat near the sea my boyfriend. It is unbelievable compared to where I grew up, however, I will keep transforming my life – this current situation is good but, I want more than this. There is a lot of amazing stuff out there, not just this.

    I work in marketing. have nice beachy weekends, eat good food, have nice friends – I want more …there is so much more than this out there, if you choose to focus on transformation.

    I would love to win the Summer Transformation Hamper, so that I can transform my summer into something great!

    Holding thumbs xx

    *Girl from Cape Town

  • ALLURE by Ane’ Dallas-Orr solo exhibition at the Grand Cafe’


    My very talented sister Ane’ Dallas-Orr is showcasing her very first solo exhibition at the Grand Cafe in Granger bay, titled ALLURE.

    ALLURE 288x1024 ALLURE by Ane Dallas Orr solo exhibition at the Grand Cafe The pieces in Allure intrigue and entice, eliciting the senses. The tactile simplicity of a solitary black line curiously reveals the beauty of the subject matter it portrays. Magnetic, at times, steeped in vulnerability, uncompromisingly bold and quirky or even outright iconic, at others.

    Allure is the product of Ane’s unrelenting passion: not just to simply capture the beauty that surrounds us, but to strip it down to its barest bones. Today’s society, in its relentless pursuit of youth and its ephemeral flawlessness, is obsessed with beauty that can be both sterile and obvious. Ane’ challenges this obsession by capturing and portraying the bewitching, often elusive qualities- that we all too often overlook- in an arresting manner that is hard to ignore.

    Ane’ has always been passionate about art and we couldn’t be more proud of her for having the courage to exhibit her first collection. The collection will be opening on the 6TH of December 2012 and will be sowing till 31 January. Naturally Marc and I fell in love with her work and in particular a piece named after me ( Fran ) so we made the decision and bought her as a early Christmas gift for our home. Fran will be joining Jeanne Hebuterne a previous gift from Ane’ to us.

     ALLURE by Ane Dallas Orr solo exhibition at the Grand Cafe

    Jeanne Hébuterne

    If you would like to see more of her work please feel free to visit her website or join her Facebook page.

  • Summer Transformation Competition


    Over the past few months Natalie Roos from tailsofamermaid and I have been working hard at getting summer ready. Now we are not talking hardcore dieting and how to lose 10kg in 1 month kinda ready, but getting ready mentally and physically; listening to our bodies and giving them what they want and need.

    I started out by simply adding activity to my schedule and what seemed to work for me was to introduce small things at a time. I started swimming at Virgin Active at least once a week, sometime’s twice, I joined a friend Chiara at a spinning class and had one session a week at Bodytec.

    Over the weekends I tried to include some activity that included walking. So before I knew it I was being active 3-4 times a week and didn’t even have to kill myself doing it at all.

    After the first 3 weeks I could start seeing some awesome results, which is obviously the best motivator for any girl. I ended up spinning more than once a week and jumped on the treadmill but before I knew it my body was exhausted and I was back to making excuses why i didn’t want to go to gym.  So like everyone else out there I can honesty say moderation is key ( at least for me ).

    My eating habits have never been great, I love food and not junk food, but real proper delicious food. Food plays a big part in my life because not just do i enjoy eating it, I love to cook and yes, sadly I do find comfort in food when I’m feeling a bit low. So knowing this about myself I decided to be aware while eating. When i reached for food knowing I wasn’t exactly hungry. I now stop and ask myself why am I eating this and rather try find a solution for what is actually bothering me rather than stuffing my face with something I will only feel guilty about later on.

    Like my exercise i did small things, I almost completely went wheat-free. Avoided fried ( not always ) had breakfast and made sure we always had fruit in the house to snack on.  Thankfully Free From was launched in the intrim and we could order all our weekly dinner meals.Free From, for those of you who don’t know, is a food delivery service that pre-cooks wheat, sugar and preservative free dinners for you. The concept is amazing and I don’t if I can ever go back to not having it in my life. For lunch i would almost always have a Sababa lunch box meat and salad. I also made peace with eating eggs and including a lot more protein in my diet and less carbs. It’s still not easy and honestly I do struggle with  excluding wine ( especially bubbles ) from my life.

    What I learnt is that it’s not about having a mental imagine of what you want to look like before you can allow yourself to be happy with your body but to except yourself the way you are and to love yourself this way. Yes by living a healthy lifetsyle and looking after yourself does make you feel better about yourself and espcially being a lady, you should take pride in grooming and being the woman you are proud of being which is actually what my summer transformation has been for me.

    So Natalie and I were lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and got to try some really awesome products and because we would love for our readers to have the same experience as we did, we are giving away a summer transformation pack to our readers.

    The competition works as follows:

    Fill in the form below and tell me why you would love to win the summer transformation hamper. You can enter for yourself, a friend or be a guy hoping to win it for his gf/wife as a xmas gift.

    So don’t be shy, do it now!

    Natalie and I would also like to Thank all these amazing brands for working with us during our summer transformation dn for making such a difference in our lives.

    The competition is open to South African residents only, some gifts only valid in Cape Town.

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